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Down apparel
1.High Downproof Textile
Down product features thermal, light, temperature-regulation, closefitting, dry, cool, and highly compressible superior qualities . People are fastidious about down-resistant performance and characteristic of tenderness when they are wearing downproof fabrics. Our company uses advanced fiber materials such as Nylon , Microfiber .We apply design , unique weaving , dyeing experience and technique of over 20 years to the production of high-grade ventilating and downproof fabric, which is not only provided with prominent downproof effects but also comfortable faculties, e.g. ventilation, moisture permeability , softness , light weight and windprrof. Furthermore, our control over hazardous substance complies with international standards in various fields as free formaldehyde, heavy metal and azo. To meet what customers demand, our company offers value added and competitive finished goods by endowing the fabric with additional functions , like durable water-repellence , anti-bacterial and ultraviolet-ray resistance.
Scope of Application:
 May be used in down apparel (clothing/hat/trouser), sleeping bag, bedding and pillow, and windbreaker.

2.Fine Denier Fabric (Light) 
This product is thin and soft fabric weaved from fine denier (40D and under) fibers. Weight of the clothing is under 40g/㎡. Normally, it is weaved utilizing 30D, 20D or 15D Nylon or Polyester as raw materials. Thus, it has meticulous hand feeling and lightweight etc. properties. Thus, it may be used in down apparel and lightweight leisure coats.

This product has natural peach skin elegant, soft and smooth dyeing effect, light soft and comfortable, light weight, good vertical hanging properties, soft hand feeling, and delicate etc. advantages. It also overcomes the disadvantages of easily wrinkle up, stick to body and poor firmness of common products.